Friday, August 25, 2006


Hair Can be Dangerous!!!!

Here's what I learned about hair today.

I have almost waist length straight hair.
My blazer has a sun roof that I just love and have open most of the time.
Today was such a nice day, it sprinkled earlier this morning and cooled things off.
As I was driving around town, I had the sun roof open and the windows down.
I had CCR in the cd player and was singing along.
My hair was blowing everywhere ... looked like I was caught in a whirlwind.
I had my sunglasses on though, so my hair wasn't whipping me in the eyes or anything.
And yes ... I could see to drive.
Anyway, I'm coasting along and singing when suddenly there was a gust of wind from the passenger side that blew my hair across my face and into my mouth.
Suddenly I found myself with a mouthful of hair and actually choked a little bit.
That's never happened before.

So ...
The lesson learned ...
When you're going to be driving with the sun roof open and the windows down, tie your hair back so you don't choke on it.

You'll love this!!

Ava, how scary an experience!! Thanks for posting about it too, because lots of women do the same thing...

Glad you are allright!! You are very pretty, and have gorgeous dark hair... you remind me a lot of my sister Janet.

Granny... wow! What a horrific way for that elder lady to die!

Hair in a bun from NOW on, Ava!! No scarfs either!! Them's orders from yer friends.... lol

Forgive my ignorance. Who/what is CCR?
Your lucky to be unharmed and alive. Take care
My hair always got so many tangles that I finally had to tie it up and now to solve every problem with hair, I just cut it short.
Granny...I just went over to the Isadora link and HOW DREADFUL...I'll never wear a long scarf again.

A friend of mine had a very young 9 or 10 year old daughter with very long hair who got on the back of her brother's dirt bike...her hair became entangled in the back wheel and she was partially scalped. Luckily the doctors were able to reattach her scalp back onto her head.

To everyone out there with long hair...BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL !!!
You can say that again!
You might be a redneck! hahaha
When I had long hair I rolled my hair up in the window!!! YeeHaw!
I used to shut my hair in the car door all the time. I ended up cutting off over a foot and donating it. It's getting long again..but since I don't have a sunroof..and I almost never put the windows down. I think I'm safe.

You have gorgeous hair.
yikes.. I've just started knitting a scarf for my daughter...

lovely lovely hair, Ava
Thank you! I like my long hair but am so tempted to just whack it off several times a week!!! It won't be so bad once it cools off and I can wear it down more.
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