Tuesday, August 29, 2006


A Package From A Friend

I'm a little late getting this posted, but I wanted to share with you a wonderful gift that I received from my blogging friend, North. She lives in Canada and here is what she sent me.

First, look at this cute package!!!!!
I loved it!

What was inside?
Let's look ....

There were two cards which she designed herself.
Aren't they goergeous??
One had the sweetest note inside of it addressed to me.

Here is a little heart that she made.
This will probably end up on my Christmas tree.

And knowing that I collect salt and pepper shakers ...
Check these out!!!!

These were from her own collection.

What cute cats!
I love the look on the black one's face!!!
He looks like he got caught doing somehting naughty!

And look at these little chefs!
How fabulous!

These will always hold a special place in my heart because they are from a friend.
Thank you so much!!!!

Dear Ava, I am so very pleased, you enjoyed your "surprises."

It was my extreme pleasure to send them to you!!

The heart, is made of play-dough that is baked on low, and stained with strong tea!!

Who did you give the other card too? I'm so glad you like them... I've been selling them all over the world! lol

much love to you Ava, and thankyou for the many smiles your blog gives to me, each week!!

No, I haven't given the card away yet. It will have to be the right person and the right moment for me to part with it. :)
Well, I"m just glad you liked the surprises Ava!! I hope the shakers add nicely to your awesome collection!!

Well, I"m just glad you liked the surprises Ava!! I hope the shakers add nicely to your awesome collection!!

wow North.. you are one creative gal.. and such a special gift to send. Thank you, from me, for the love you sent to Ava - she sooo deserves it for all the smiles she gets happening here too.
Thank you gals!!
North, that warmed my heart. I was having a tough day, and it reminded me of all the good that still exists in our world. And your recipient couldn't be more deserving--she has such a wonderful spirit.
Thank you Miss Nikki! You are a sweetheart.
Aww, thanks girls!! And, for being such good friends of Ava's, if you feel comfy sending me YOUR addy too, I'll mail you 2 of my cards. One for you, and one to give away.

As I always say.."reach out, and surprise someone..."

And if all it takes, is a little love, then dear god; what a bountiful love."


Ava...that was wonderful of north to send you a surprise package. How heartfelt...she's such a sweetheart.

The salt & pepper shakers are so cute and those kittens are darling...they'll go just perfect with your collection.

Have a nice day.
Hugs to you,
Sandy :)
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