Wednesday, August 30, 2006


The Rock Face

Now, when I'm taking photographs I make it a rule to center what it is that I'm trying to capture in the picture. I do that on purpose because sometimes by the time you get home and edit your pictures you can't really remember what it was that caught your eye.

I tell you this in order to explain the two pictures below.
The first one is the original and the second one I edited to focus in on the rock.
According to what is centered in the original picture I was focusing on the texture contrast of the water swirling around the rock.

Have you already noticed what's special about this rock?
I don't remember noticing it before until I was editing the picture.
The rock has a face.
It has a nose, a mouth, an eye, a forehead, cheek bone ... the whole rock is a head.

I think I will have to go back to this place just to find that rock again.
I can see in my mind right where I was standing when I took this picture.

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