Thursday, August 24, 2006



Well, I haven't got out a pencil and sketch pad in years. Really ... it's been about four or five years ago. Ran to Walgreens last night and bought a new sketch pad and some pencils and set to work on a couple of things. Want to see?

Here's my new sketch pad.

This was the first sketch that I started. It's just done VERY lightly in pencil. I had to edit the photo and darken it to get it to show up. As a general rule, I don't do people very well and it takes me forever to finish one. This one was headed in the right direction and I was pleased with the progress so far, so I stopped before I messed it up and started on another sketch.

I don't think I've posted the photos of the trip yet, but last week took photos of the Union Covered Bridge in Paris Missouri. This is a sketch of the bridge. I think I will be pleased with it when it is finished. Hopefully.

I prefer to sketch in black and white. I can have a black and white that I love and it just seems to ruin it when I add color to it. I've tried water color, water color pencils, colored pencils ... I just prefer the black and white.

It looks like you have talent here; sketching has never been one of my skills.
It relaxes me when I'm tense or upset. I can sit down and sketch for hours.
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