Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Union Covered Bridge

Here are the pictures from two weeks ago when I went to Paris, Mo to see this bridge.
What a marvelous day it was.
One of the best days I've ever had.
It's beautiful there.
The sound of the water fills your ears.
The wild flowers add a palette of color to the surroundings.
The air was fresh.
You can hear the wind rustling through the trees.
There were butterflies ... blue and yellow ...
There was shade to sit under, feel the grass underneath you and just soak it all in.
Just to close your eyes and enjoy each little individual sound, feeling, emotion and smile and just enjoy being there.

Here's the entrance to the bridge.

It isn't open to vehicles anymore ...
Only foot traffic and a few kids on bicycles.

Isn't it just beautiful?
I love the green of this picture.
It's so inviting to me.

In the two of these pictures I was trying to capture how the siding curves and waves along the side of the bridge.
I thought it was interesting.

I always have loved covered bridges and used to take pictures of them in a former lifetime. The pictures are long gone, but I still remember them.

I have a covered bridge picture that I was thinking of posting last week, but I just never found the right time. I have it ready to post and may post it soon.

Very nice pictures of the bridge.
Thank you! I really enjoyed my day there. It was so relaxing and peaceful. Filled my heart full of memories to keep.
Thanks for sharing these pictures. There's something refreshing in the presence of covered bridges.
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