Saturday, September 23, 2006


All Bruised Up ...

Well, when you see me,
be warned that I'm all bruised up.

It's from lifting and wrestling boxes and miscellaneous stuff.

I was laying in bed this morning in my shorts and t-shirt and my poor little legs were just pitiful.
Bruised up one side and down the other.
So are my little arms.

I have been lifting with my legs though,
so my back is just fine.

I'll heal!!!

Take care of yourself! :)
I'm taking it easy the rest of the night. :)
Ouch! I hope you heal quickly.
Hi Floridacracker!

Oh, I will.
Now, if I could, I would come help you dear friend, Ava; but, alas the many miles prevent my good intentions; so please derive a small comfort knowing.. I hurt with you, for you...(gentle smiles)
Joyful blog of yours! Visited because you visited Jon, who visited me: so it goes! Cheers!
Hi North!

Oh, I know that you would be here if you could.

My bruises will heal ...

Hi Tikkis!
Welcome to my blog! Hope that you come back. I visited you and liked your blog too! I'll be back ... hope that you are too.
Hello Ava ~~ You sure have been busy
and I hope all your bruises are soon healed. I hope you will be happy in your new life. As you say you always have your music. Take care of yourself
Ava. Thanks for your comments. Hugs,
Hi Merle!

Thank you for the well wishes of happiness and healing.

Love ya!
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