Saturday, September 23, 2006


Blacksmith Shop

Here's a picture of the blacksmith shop in Shelbina.
The smell of a forge brings back such good memories for me.
Memories of my Grandpa working in his shop ...
His hammer and anvil sat on a log just like this one.

I thought this made an interesting picture.

I have my Grandmother's big cast iron skillet.
I think it's the reason that I can make good gravy!!!

Cast iron is best and I still have a good one.

I have problems lifting it though so I usually go with my huge non-stick.

I never buy gravy or the mix. I'd never hear the end of it from my family.
Hi Ann!

I never buy the mix either ... just whip it up in the skillet.

And you're right, they are hard to lift. This one is just right on the edge of being too heavy for me to pour from. I have to grit my teeth!!
Neat photos
Thanks Tim!
I love that picture of the cast iron skillets.

They are very heavy, though.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Hi Hick!

Thanks for stopping in here!!
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