Saturday, September 09, 2006


The Current Thoughts in My Head ...

I like dirt.

Dry dirt.

I like the smell of dirt.

I like the feel of dirt.

I like handling it and feeling it in my hands.

I like to sift it through my fingers and watch it fall to the ground.

I like the way it’s cool to the touch of your bare skin.

I like to draw in it with my finger.

I always had skinned knees covered in dirt as a kid.

I used to eat dirt.

I like the smell and feel of leather.

I like the smell of my leather work gloves.

I like the squeak of leather.

The smell of leather makes me think of horses and saddles.

It makes me think of cowboy boots.


Calloused hands.

Weathered faces.

Leather vests.

Guns and leather holsters.

Knife sheaths.

Necklaces made from leather.



Leather bracelets and wrist cuffs.

Cowboy hats.

That was quite an interesting stream-of-consciousness photo-essay, Ava.
Thank you, Larry. It's been an interesting day.
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