Sunday, September 03, 2006



I did some stretching and dancing tonight for the first time in four days.
My body was beginning to feel the lack of movement.
Dancing keeps me flexible and helps manage my pain.
Well, it's probably all of the stretching that manages my pain ...
The dancing lifts my spirits and invigorates my muscles.
At any rate ...
I enjoyed it and it had been too long.
I must get back into the habit of dancing every morning and every night whether I actually "feel" like dancing or not.

I'm smiling inside just thinking of you.. dancing every morning :)
I always loved to dance...Maybe that's whats been wrong with me lately, not enough dancing.

Are you sorting your stuff out and getting rid of the excess. I have too much stuff packed away in closets and buildings that I need to get rid of.

You'll probably make the trashman very happy. He'll probably keep what he likes to give to his wife.
Hi Gracie and Sandy!!!

I actually do about 15 minutes of stretching, 5 to 10 of Thai Chi and follow that with either some belly dancing or latin dancing.

The stretching helps ease my lupus pain and the dancing just makes me feel good and energized ... and sometimes a little sore!!!

I'm sorting stuff to throw away, then to sell, then to keep. I already know some of what I will be selling. I'm sure there will be more as I tire of packing.

So far I'm keeping the doll collection and the salt and pepper collection ... I would never part with my Dad's collection anyway ... but I think I'm keeping mine too. I'm keeping my Great Grandmother's oak cabinet and walnut table. Other than that ... haven't gotten that far.
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