Monday, September 11, 2006


Hannibal Session:

We had a great session in Hannibal this evening.
There was a good sized crowd who stayed until the very end.

One couple that I met were from Australia.
I told them about my blogger friends from Australia and we talked for a little bit.
They were a very nice couple.
She was of Irish decent and really was enjoying the music.

We played until almost 9:30 tonight.
We usually wrap it up around 8:30.
But people were still there listening ... and we kept on playing.

Chris played fiddle tonight.
He's heading to the Bluegrass Festival in Kansas this week.
I was supposed to go, but I'm going to Shelbina with the Ely group instead.
I'm really looking forward to it.
I'm camping in my blazer.
I'm taking a cot mattress and making some curtains tomorrow so I can have some privacy when I'm sleeping.
It should be interesting.

Present tonight were Chris, Melanie, Ava, Sondra, Joann, Beverly, Dwain, Andrew, Larry, Dale H, Don, Jeanie, Kevin, Rob, Tony, Lisa, Robert, Dave S, Dale, Sarah, Ian, Doug, Fred, John, Wade, LA, Terry, Paul, Evelyn, Bob, Harry, Ellen, Mary Jo, Noel, Lydia and Thelma.

I missed Clayton and his banjo! I missed Bill, Ned, Evelyn H, Charlie and George.

Thelma came up and told me that Charlie had been telling her all about me.
He told her that I'm a very good fiddler.
For those who might remember, he's the 99 year old that gave me "quite" the kiss not too long ago. He's a stinker!! And I love him!!
He's always giving me fiddling tips and assignments to work on to improve next time I see him.
And he always has me play for him so he can check to see if I've listened or not.
I always do!

I missed George. He always sings along to Red Wing when we play it and I always enjoy that.
Well, regardless of what time blogger shows ... it's 11:31 pm and I'm headed to bed.

My love to you all.
Thanks to all who participated this evening and made it such a great night.

Can't wait until next week!


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