Saturday, September 23, 2006


Here I go ...

I'm getting ready to leave and go pull up carpet.
What does one wear to do such a thing?
I'm just wearing my jeans and a t-shirt.
Oh, and a hat of course.
My blue ball cap.

Mike's back went out,
so my friend Larry is coming up from Hannibal to help me.
I'm very glad!
It had to be done today and that would have left me doing it by myself.
I'd have gotten it done, but I'm pretty sure I would have hurt myself in the process.

Thank you, Larry!

It is good to have help when one has either lots of work or hard work.
It would have been VERY hard without the help.
So were you a fashion statement in your cap, t-shirt and jeans?

It's the only thing to wear while hauling carpet.
Oh, I was quite the fashion statement! I wore my "Moods of the Pillsbury Dough Boy" t-shirt. He's a cutie!!!
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