Thursday, September 21, 2006


Horse Kisses

I just got back from across the street.

I went and collected some more horse kisses.

Today they didn't like waiting in line and they fought over who got the attention.

At one point they were chasing eachother all over the field, but they came back ...
a little more tired and a little more patient.

I got some kisses ... lots of kisses.

Even from some who hadn't kissed me before.

That was unusual.

CUTE! :o)
Really nice. I love horses. *s*
Thank you, you too.
Thank ou so much for stopping by! :o) I'm very glad you enjoy my covered bridges! Thats sooo cool that you've got pictures of them & that you sketched one! Thats so awesome! I'd love to see your sketch. :o) Thank you again!!
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