Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Horse Kisses

On my way home from taking my son home today,
I saw the horses out in the pasture and pulled over real fast
to go get me some horse kisses.

That's my favorite two year old up above.

I got a couple of kisses from this little lady.
And a picture of me kissing her.

I got a hug from this big paint stallion.
It had been a long time since he'd come over to see me.

And here's my baby ...
my favorite two year old ...
I actually caught him kissing me!

Click and enlarge this picture ...
See his teeth?
It looks like he's trying to bite me,
but he's really kissing me by wiggling his lips on my face.

It feels so good!
I love it!

I think it's funny that he's looking at the camera!!!!

Ohhhhh... big smooches!!! Horses have such soft nibbly noses.
Dear Ava.. I just love it when you post pics of these beautiful horses!! Thanks always, for sharing your nature-world with us!!
The little lady has nose hairs...NOT YOU!!! The horse.
Glad you all enjoy the horse smooches! I know that I sure did!!!
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