Sunday, September 03, 2006


The Horses

I just spent a splendid 30 minutes over at the horse pasture.
The horses have been in the back pastures for about three weeks now and I haven't been able to visit with them at all.
However ...
This morning when I looked out the window, there they were.
Even though I had literally just got out of bed, not combed my hair or gotten dressed ...
I threw my shoes on and ran right out that door!!!
There are 27 horses over there and a few of them are my friends.
Two of my favorites came right over and they were just as happy to see me as I was to see them.
One of the two year olds stayed with me the whole time.
He must have given me 30 kisses ... right on the mouth!
I'll tell you what ... there are only a few things that are better than horse kisses.
And I kissed him right back!
I've never gotten that many kisses from him at once before.
Usually just three or four.
So I know that he was very happy to see me.
I'll tell you what,
If I could afford to feed him and had a place to put him,
I'd take him with me.
I'm going to miss them.
Him in particular ... he's the only one that kisses me.
What a great way to start my day!

So glad they moved the horses back but what did you mean by you will miss them are they going somewhere or are you? Our neighbor horse doesn't give kisses but will come to the fence and let us pet her a little.
I have a question about one of your posts - why did they cover the bridges? I may be dumb here but we don't have covered bridges in Florida. Email me I am really curious and you seem to know a lot about covered bridges.'s're going to move? How awful that you have to leave the lovely horses and especially your favorite kissy one.
Sandy :)
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