Monday, September 25, 2006


How much longer?

Only 3 hours until Hannibal session


75 hours until La Gondola and Ely.

I can't promise I'll be tear free at session tonight, but I'm going to be there anyway by golly!!

Me, Little Becky (mandolin), Benny (banjo) and Minnie Pearl (fiddle).
Wilson ( guitar) has to stay home, but he'll get to go on Thursday.

Cute Post!!!! HAVE FUN!!!! Thank you so much for stopping by, I'm very glad you enjoy my latest work, thank you so much!!! :o) OMG I love your sketches!!! The pantlegs and shoes are AWESOME!!!! The bridge is absolutely wonderful, I LOVE IT!!! Beautiful work my friend! :o)
Dear Ava,
I hope you have a fun time at the Jam tonight. I had wanted to be there, but am tired out from my weekend retreat. Since I've been gone since Thursday, it's taken me a while to get caught up on your blog. As you'll see in your email, I've posted a number of comments to entries from previous days. I hope tonight goes well, and barring any unforseen circumstances, I'll be at the Jam next week.
You have music in your soul - where ever you go it goes with you. Good luck and thank you.
Hi Jon! Thanks! I thought you might enjoy the sketches. The pantlegs and boots are my favorite so far of my new ones. Your dinosaurs were terrific. I wish I had imagination like that.

Hi Clayton! The jam was fun. We'll be looking for you next week. Your bridge sketch is ready.

Hi Doubleknot! You're right ... I do take music with me everywhere that I go. Having music in my soul has enabled me to get through some tough times. I'm very grateful for the gift of music.
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