Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I didn't take either of these pictures,
but I thought they were interesting.
It's been many years since I was on a canoe trip.
Part of lupus is being allergic to the sun.
I get a rash anywhere the sun has hit me and it's miserable.
Then I get a fever and a migraine.
Let's just say,
it limits my outdoor activities a bit.

My dear Ava: I do not have lupus and for some strange reason I am "allergic" to the sun. I love seing it, I love how it makes everything glare and shine, how it nurtures life, but I hate feeling it against my skin. For some strange reason it makes me very itchy, and when I was growing up it used to give me a headache of enormous proportions.
Yet another thing we have in common!!

I still go out and do things ... just have to moderate the time I spend out there. I'm hoping that this music trip doesn't prove to be too much sun. I'll have to remember to listen to my body and go lay down when I need to. That always helps.
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