Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Kyle ...

There's my friend Kyle running one of the bulldozers at Old Thresher's.
He was doing a very good job.
Looked like he'd been doing it for years!
It looked like a lot of fun.

He tried to get me on one,
but I was too chicken!!

My Grandfather used to run a dozer and I can remember sitting up there with him.
I thought that was so cool!!!

Found out that Bill runs a dozer.
He was driving the big one.
It was pretty impressive.

Bet it was fun! A grown-up toy. :)
Grown-up toys are awesome!!!!!
Yay...Thats meeeeeeee...you are such a good person..
Hi Kyle!

Glad you saw it! I am good, aren't I?? (ha ha ha!)
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