Monday, September 25, 2006


Moving Date:

Well, the auction company came today and we've set a date for the auction for Saturday, October 21st.
We'll be auctioning three to four vehicles, stuff and the house.

I'll either be moving on Saturday October 7th
Saturday October 14th.
I'm going to shoot for the 7th so I can get the house ready for the auction.
They'll start showing it next week sometime.

So ...
I need some big strong guys to help me move!
Hopefully I have enough friends to come so it will be quick and easy.
Maybe in one trip.

I'll be taking stuff to Joanns ... three miles away.
And then some things to Hannibal.

The main big things are two couches, a china hutch, two dining room tables, four bookshelves, a piano, a display cabinet, a couple of desks, a couple of sewing tables, and just some boxes. Oh, and a treadmill.
Just enough big stuff I can't do it alone.
I'm moving boxes a car load at a time every day.

Today is a crying day.
I think I've just about bawled my head off.
I guess I've been holding a lot of stuff in.
Well ... it's out now.

That's a good thing, I guess.

Dear Ava,
If my back was in better condition, I'd be happy to help out. But it's too likely that I'll injure myself, so I'll have to beg off this time. I do hope you can find some good help. BTW--any good stuff going up for sale at the auction? Will there be a pre-sale list?
Good luck with the auction. I know when I moved I had to be hard with myself to let things go. And when I went through the cleaning out of stuff we didn't need - still sitting in boxes a year after the move I just kept the thought in my head that the church could sell a lot of the stuff in the mission store.
I hope when you get setteled that you get your computer up and running so we can keep in touch.
I sure hope you get lots of helpers Ava..movers are too expensive!! and the after-moving get-togethers usually a friendly blast!!

Crying is a definate OK thing to do Ava.... it's merely a natural escape for excessive chemical buildup in the body be it happy tears or sad tears.. they must come out when called....

much love to you.. and all the best for moving day!

Thanks guys!

I'll have a sale bill in a few days. The add starts in the paper right away.

I know, parting with stuff is hard. But ... it's just stuff. However, a lot of my stuff has been handed down through the family and I'm not parting with any of that stuff.
Hello Ava ~ Well you have been busy and it is all a big deal moving house.
I hope your auction goes well. I can understand you having a good cry, and it often helps. Thanks for your comments, glad you got a laugh. Keep
your chin up and look forward to your new adventure. Hugs, Merle.
Hi Merle!

Thanks for the encouragement. I'm feeling better today!!
I know that it's hard to part with your house and your stuff...crying does help, so go ahead and cry all you want to because I know that you will be okay in the end.

Take care and I hope you find some strong young men to help move the big stuff for you.
Hi Pasadena!

Crying did help ... and I cried last night too!!!! But that was over something else!
Hi Pasadena!

Crying did help ... and I cried last night too!!!! But that was over something else!
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