Saturday, September 30, 2006



Had fun out at Sharpsburg last night playing music.

There was a good fire going outside to sit around
and the weather was so nice.
It was windy everywhere else,
but out at the church it was as calm as could be and very pleasant.
There were lots of stars out and I looked them over before going inside to play music.

Once we went inside and got settled in
we had a good night of music.

We played a ton of fiddle tunes last night,
which since I'm a fiddler,
worked out well for me!
I sure enjoy playing with them all.

My favorite fiddle tune is faded love.
Doug and John play lead fiddles and I play harmony with them.
It is so pretty.
Just beautiful.
Almost makes me cry sometimes.
Good tears of course ...

I played Ashokan Farewell for Danny and didn't rip it up too badly.
There's just this one spot every time where I go to the wrong note.
Oh, I fix it, but it's noticeable and it bugs me.
It'll get there.
Once I get moved, I'll be back in a practice routine again
and I'll get it 'er done!

It was a great night.

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