Saturday, September 09, 2006


A new butterfly garden

The project of the day this Saturday was to plant a butterfly garden.

I worked from 10:30 until 2:00, but got it finished!!

There are three tier levels to it and it was a little hard to work with.
The finished product made it worth while though.

I know it's late to be planting, but with selling the house,
thought it would be beneficial to have something in there rather than dirt.

I like the mixture of color.
The lavender butterfly bushes in the back are so fragrant.
I hadn't even finished to second tier yet when I looked up and there was a bee and a butterfly.
I thought it was neat and I took a little break to just sit and watch them for a little bit.

It was a time consuming project but worth it.
I love to garden and flower garden.
I like to dig in the dirt.
I drank several Pepsis and there was lots of burping.
Loud burping.
But when you're working hard on something, burping is okay.

Here's the shovel, my work gloves and a load of dirt.
I ended up with this much dirt left over.
Oh well.

I got everything mulched and it started to sprinkle a bit just as I was finishing up.
It didn't rain enough though, I'm going to have to pull the hose around to the back of the house and get them watered.

Very nice butterfly garden Ava. I loved your previous post too about your love of dirt & leather.
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