Friday, September 29, 2006


Out of bed ...

Slept until 10:00 this morning,
which played a little havoc with my schedule.

Slept in my clothes last night,
Got right out of bed ...
went to Home Depot for some supplies

then went to Village Inn for breakfast
and had ...
2 eggs sunny side up, 2 pieces of bacon, 2 links of sausage, 2 orders
of hashbrowns and a side of gravy ...
2 waters and 1 pepsi.

I got it all down except for just the very last of my hashbrowns.
It was very good.

Mmmm ...

I was very full.

Now I'm going to shower and change clothes.
Probably a good idea.


You broke your perfect symetry by having only one Pepsi. You had 2 eggs, 2 bacon strips, 2 sausage links, 2 hashbrown orders, and 2 waters. Don't you think for the balance and harmony of the universe you should have also had 2 pepsis? If the rest of your day felt lopsided, now you know why!! :-D
That totally explains everything!!!!

How could I have missed that??????
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