Saturday, September 30, 2006


Poetry: Reflections

By Ava Jackson
September 30, 2006

Reflecting on what used to be
What once was there
What was important to me

Changes come with time
The colors change
Moods change

What you needed yesterday
Might not be the same today
What do we really need?

Priorities change
Our paths turn corners
Life is full of surprises

People come and go
Friends come and go
There are always new people to meet

Hold on fast to who you are
Don't let anyone take that away
You do have a place in this world

Seek those things that make you happy
That fill your heart with gladness
That make you want to sing and dance.

Seek those people who build you up
Who comfort you
Who make you smile.

Life is made up of the little moments
The smallest things that were done
The smallest things that were said

This is what you will see
When you sit on the bridge of your life
And stare down into the reflections of time.

You picked the perfect picture with all it's reflections to write about your reflections. Very nice AJ...and very good.

Thank you Sandy!

And you called me AJ!!!!
Gorgeous picture!!

ahhh, to every thing, a season...

Lovely poem Ava!! Deep, and contemplative, swirling a whirl of yesterday's; making way for tomorrow' the seasons of time.
Thank you, North!
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