Saturday, September 30, 2006


Something new ...

I had a new experience.

Today I listened to a CD that Guy sent me.
I know him from Ely Opry.
Anyway, it's a Celtic CD
and I listened to it today while
doing my stretching, Thai Chi and Belly Dancing.
I've never Belly Danced to Celtic music before.
It was intersting ... but worked ...
Strangley enough.

I enjoyed the CD.

Ooh belly dancing; always wanted to learn "how"!!

Keep dancing the light fantastic Ava.. it will keep your spirits UP!! : )

I danced today with my vacumn, broom(corn-broom) and mop and dust rags.. to all kinds of music.. lol
Did I tell you that my daughter & I once took belly dancing lessions...they were fun and it was fun getting into the harem girl outfit too.
Hi North!

You keep dancing too! It does wonders for a persons' spirit, that's for sure!

Hi Sandy!

No, I didn't know you took lessons ... how very cool. I don't have an outfit yet, but hope to get the one I want for Christmas. It's in Kansas City and I'm going to go visit it in November. :)

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