Wednesday, September 20, 2006


A visit with the horses ...

I was headed out to go to storage today,
when I drove by and saw the horses.
So, I turned around and came back,
parked on the side of the rode
and went for a visit.

I got ignored for the first ten minutes of trying to call them over.
Sometimes they come right away,
Sometimes they really make you work for it,
And sometimes they just plain ignore you.
You never know which it will be.
Luckily, I'm persistant!!

Ahhh ... there we go.

Here she comes.

Ava Jane,
Very clever how you posted the pictures in "reverse order", knowing that we would go to the top of the page first, and then scroll down to see the rest of the pictures in sequence. Looks like you had a nice day with the horses, and it sounds like these are horses you know well. To whom do they belong? Just curious.
One other note: how did you manage to take pictures of yourself hugging and kissing the horses? Did you have the camera on a tripod, or did you just hold out the camera at arm's length with your free hand? Or would telling me how you took the pictures be giving away a "trade secret"? :-)
Hi Clayton!

Yes, to tell a story, you have to post the pictures in backwards order for it to work. To make this less tedious, I number my pictures as I save them in the computer.

The horses live across the street at a horse farm. At my last count there were 26 or 27 of them. Next spring they'll be having some babies. It's so fun to watch the babies grow up.

The pictures? Yes, I just held the camera out at arms length. Some pictures turn out and some don't. You never know what you're going to get. :)
I just love horses!!! They are noble, strong, each one is unique, loyal..there is just a good nature in them and a playful and solid spirit that makes them amazing creatures.
Hi Tangie!

I like your description of the spirit of the horses. I'd like to think that description fits me too!
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