Monday, October 02, 2006


Blue Willow Dishes ...

Got my collection of Blue Willow Dishes packed.

I kept out a service for four for my apartment ...
Just in case I ever have company for dinner.

Or I'll just use them myself once in a while.

You can't use plain old dishes all of the time!
I like to eat by candle light once in a while too!
That's when I'll treat myself to Blue Willow.

Next I'm packing glasses
cookie jars
my collectibe dishes
and my mother's china set.

Then I'm going to get all of my knives and swords out of the closet and "oooh and ahhh" over them.
And touch them all.
Probably have a pretend sword fight or two.
The easiest one to handle is my Zoro sword.
Then I have one that's so heavy I can hardly lift it.

I'll have to take pictures to share with you.
I think you'd like them.

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