Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Feeling better ...

I'm not feeling as "snarly" as the other day.
Last night I was so worn out from packing all day that I was asleep on the couch by 9:00.
I woke up around 10:30 and made out my sofa bed and went on to bed.
Watched the moon for a little bit and then was out for the rest of the night.

I don't have much gumption today,
but there's too much to do not to do it.

I'm getting there.
The basement will go quickly so I've left it alone.
I need to venture out to both garages and see about things out there.

Send some energy my way!
I need some more!

The move is this Saturday.
I had set a time of 10:00,
but some of us are going to start at 9:00 or so
and get done what we can.
I'm hoping it all fits in the truck and we just make one trip.
That would be great.

I'm going to see if someone will ride over with me to get the truck at 8:00am
so we can bring the blazer back and I can have it for over here.
I'm hoping one of the guys will drive the truck and I'll not have to park it.
I've done it before ...
but hated it ...
and it scared me!
Made me all tense
and grouchy.

I am proud to say that I can back up using my side mirrors!
That is a skill I'm proud of!

But ...
I hope to avoid tense and grouchy if at all possible!!

I have everything but some rope to tie stuff with.

I got the truck,
a two wheel dolly,
a dozen pads,
two piano dollies
(one for each end)
and the truck is supposed to have a ramp or something so we don't have to climb.
I don't remember if it's a ramp or a lift.
I should have paid more attention.

How much rope does a person get?
I don't know.

I was only planning to use it on my Great Grandmother's china hutch
and my glass salt and pepper display case.
But ...
since I have twelve pads ...
I may use it on some other stuff as well.

We'll see.
Don't ask me!
I'm clueless!

( yeah right ... that's me)

Seriously though,
I really don't know how much rope to get.

People keep telling me that I'm handling all of this well and keeping a great attitude about everything.

I'm trying.

My mother taught me to think of change as an adventure.
And I've always been able to see the positive side of things.
Life's too short to focus on the negative stuff.
It's too draining.
And I don't have that kind of time.
And it makes me sick ... Flares my lupus.
I've been focusing on the positive just for that.

I have lots of good friends.
I have lots of music.
If not for the music and my friends,
I probably would have lost it long before now.

And actually,
if not for my blogger friends
there's a lot of stuff I wouldn't have been able to vent about.
No, I've not vented too much on the blog ...
some ...
but we do email each other and vent!!

I've tried really hard to keep my blog up beat and happy ...
cry in private.

And I've done plenty of it!
Believe me!

But ...
I'm ready.
The move will alleviate a lot of stress ...
and add some new stress.

But you know what?
Life is good.
Life will be good.
And I can do it.

We all have an inner strength and faith to pull from ...
I've kicked mine into overtime!!!

Love you all!

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