Monday, October 30, 2006



Doug came and helped me move some heavy stuff to storage.
I mainly needed help with my boat motor and battery.
I couldn't even lift that stupid battery.
I tried.
No steam!
Just a groan.
He just picked it up and put the car.
Then we took it to storage.

I still have just a few things to move, but they are light and I can do it by myself.
While we were driving past it, I stopped at South Park and showed him where I walk down by the creek.
It's one of my "happy places".
It's just somewhere to go to either walk and think about things,
or just sit and listen to the water and the birds,
or sketch ... there are lots of things to sketch there.
I haven't been going there much lately because I've been kind of uncomfortable to be there by myself. I'm prone to panick attacks in situations like that. Had one the last time I was there.
So, I don't get to go as often as I used to.

I played music with the Opry Friday night and had a ton of fun. That was the most fun I've ever had. Greg and Kyle got there around 11:30 I think it was and Kyle and I sang for a long time together. We made plans to sing together the next day.

You know who I enjoy hearing sing? Allan's wife, I think her name is Rita. She sings every once in a while but not real often, unless she did before I got there. I wasn't there until between 8:00 and 8:30 I think.

I think we played until around 1:30. And then I wasn't tired ... just looked at my watch and said "Oh my gosh! It's 1:15!!"

It was a good day!
My fingers were very sore ...
but it was a good day!

hey - sounds like heaps of fun! would love to have a sing-a-long with y'all!!!!
Hi Gracie!

Would love to have a sing-a-long with you.

I sang with my Mom over the phone yesterday. It worked!!!
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