Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Funny Story about a North Ely Opry Cat ...

you thought this was a juicy story about one of the Opry guys?


It's actually about a feline cat.
You know ... the four legged kind ...
with fur ... that meows ...

Two weeks ago on Thursday
when I was out playing with the North Ely Opry
I was driving down 36 highway when I heard a strange noise.
I had music going and thought it was that.

Then I heard it again.
I thought, "hmmm ... that's strange".

Then a few minutes later I hear,

Ohhhhhhhh ...

I had company in the car.
I don't know what his name is,
but he's yellow and white and sweet as can be.

It became quite apparent that he was not accustomed to riding in a car.
His little voice got higher and higher ...
he was scared.

I thought about pulling over and putting him up front with me,
but then remembered an accident with my cousin and decided against it.

Panicked cats attack anything and everything, so I just left him back there.
I turned around and took him home.
We carried on an entire conversation the whole way back to his house ...
non stop ...
him letting me know that he was very unhappy ...
me letting him know that we were almost there and it was okay ...

he didn't believe me.


Made it back to his house and drove him all the way up to the garage.

Then he wouldn't get out of the car.
So I sat in there with him for a few minutes petting him and talking to him until he decided to let me pick him up.

Then I gave him some lovin' while I had a hold of him.
That made him feel better and he purred.

Then I put him on the ground and off he went.
Didn't even say thank you ...
but it was implied by the previous purring.

I don't think anyone at the house even knew that I was there.

I got back into the car and drove on home.

You have such a kind heart, Ava! It is lovely to see you here again.
That was really nice of you to take the kitty back and not just drop him off in a strange place. I really look up to you for that.
Hi Gracie!

Thank you, and it is GREAT to be back!!! I've missed everyone.


Thank you! Naw ... I had to take him home ... he was a friend of mine. :)
What a sweet story! I have a soft spot for kitties...
I wonder how many people caught the double meaning in your opening line? For those who didn't, let me explain. "Cat" is a nickname often used for musicians, especially in the world of jazz. In the swing era, cool musicians were often called "hep cats". (Think Cab Calloway.) But this term has also been used for musicians of other styles. In 1967 Flatt & Scruggs recorded "Nashville Cats", a song written by John Sebastian about the new style of musicians cropping up in Nashville in the late 1960's. So maybe their are some "cats" or even "hep cats" playing music up at North Ely!
Hello Ava ~ Lovely story, you with the kind heart. I hope your hand is feeling much better, and it is lovely to have you back. Take care, Love, Merle.
Nice to hear you are back. I am glad you knew where the kitty lived. We used to have to make sure all the cats were out of anyone's car that came to visit - we tried to make sure they closed the doors but the cats could spy an open window and in they would go - maybe they wanted to see something else then our country home. Hope your hand is feeling better.
Good job Clayton!!!!

And yes, there are many "hep cats" out at North Ely Opry!!!!!
Hi Deb!

Glad that you stopped by!


I've missed my blogging buddies!


I haven't checked to see how you all are doing, but I hope that all is well.
Glad you ar back. I enjoyed your cat story. I was always a dog person until I started my garden two years ago, but I decided every garden needs a cat, so now I'm a cat person.
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