Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Funny ...

I have one of those remote controls that locks and unlocks my blazer.

Here's how out of it I am today ...
Went to the house to let the appraiser in ...
went through the Dairy Queen drive through ...
came home ...
stood at the door to the house trying to open it with my remote control.
It took me about five times before I realized why it wasn't working and got my keys out!

How embarrassing!!!!

Just stopping by to say "Happy Halloween".

Hope the migrane goes away soon. I just need to vacuum the van and pack and I should be ready to go.
FIVE TIMES to work out there was something a-miss Ava.... that's a worry as is taking an unpacked suitcase with you!!!!!
I think you might need a tonic?? with some Gin in it??
Great story! Sometimes I wish there was a "universal" remote control that could unlock the house, my office, plus any other doors. Speaking of remote controls, did you ever see the movie "Click" staring Adam Sandler?
Funny story and I hope tht your migraine is gone by now.
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