Wednesday, October 04, 2006



One of my friends sent this to me ...

Have you read that moving is the 3rd most stressful job in life ...

the first is death,
second is divorce,
third is moving.

Just great!

Just got divorced,
Now I'm moving ...

Hopefully I'll stay away from that first one!!!

Ha ha!


I don't think death is very stressful if it is sudden. I am hoping mine will be that way. At about the age of ninety. Hopefully I'll be out digging in my garden and just keel over onto a flower bed.

I hope your move is uneventful.
Happy moving day and new life Ava.
Hi Gary! I hope that I also have a nice long, happy, love filled life.

Hi Peter! Thank you for the well wishes. I can use all I can get!
Moving and divorce quite often seem to go together don't they.

You'll be fine.
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