Wednesday, October 11, 2006



Hello there!

If all goes well,
I'll have my computer over at the other place and back on line tomorrow.

That is ...
if I can figure out how to get everything all hooked back up the right way.
That's a challenge for me.
I look at it ...
lose the whole concept ...
mind goes blank ...

For some reason,
it doesn't just "magically" do it itself.

I think there should be a "pop up" computer in a box ...
you know ...
you open the box ...
and it pops out complete with monitor, keyboard, computer and printer ...
and it's all together, hooked up and ready to go.

Like one of those auto inflating mattresses.
You know?

I'm tired.
Exhausted, actually.
A little cranky.
Mainly just tired.

Working on getting the house ready to show on Monday.
Have a dumpster outside and am going to use it!
Holy cow!

I still have a few things here to take to storage,
but not too many.

The move went well.
I'm getting settled in.
Haven't put together my studio in Hannibal yet,
but the stuff is all in there.
I'll tend to it next week.
I have to focus on getting the house ready this week.

Just wanted to let you know I'm still alive and kicking over here!
I'll be back to blogging very soon.

My love to all!

Glad to hear the move went well Ava!! Make sure you keep some quality rest in there, so you won't get run-down!(gentle smiles)

Glad you are okay and moved. As far as the computer hookup, you're like me. Here's what I do: I use masking tape to label each connection with numbers and I put the corresponding number on the location where the wire goes. That's the only way I can mess with all that mess of wires.

If all else fails, ask some handy techy one of your musician friends...they surely will know how to hook up your computer.

Take care of yourself.
great idea Pasadena!! I never would have thought of that...
Good to know the move went well. I'll look forward to your regular posting again as soon as you are able. Enjoy.
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