Monday, October 02, 2006


Hannibal Music Session

Tonight was session in Hannibal. It was a great night. Everything was fast and furious, but fun. There were a few tunes that I was not able to keep up with and just sat and listened to them. That’s not all bad … when you’re playing you can’t hear everyone and it’s a totally different perspective to just sit and listen and hear all of the instruments blending together.

On a sad note, Chris announced that he and Melanie will be moving to Muscatine, Iowa after the first of the year. We are sure going to miss them both. It will be very sad for all of us.

The players tonight were Chris on tenor banjo … Ava on fiddle … Doug on mandolin and tenor banjo … Sondra on tenor banjo and mandolin … Joann on whistle … Beverly on whistle, percussion and mandolin … Dwain on guitar … Larry on fiddle and mandolin … Don on bass … Jeanie, I think she just listened tonight … Clayton on five string banjo … Kevin on percussion … Rob on percussion … Tony on whistle and fiddle … Lisa on fiddle … Robert on fiddle … Dave on guitar … Dale on guitar and percussion … Sarah on bass and whistle … Ian on guitar … Ned on guitar… John on guitar … Wade on percussion …

In the audience were Andrew … George … Harry … Ellen … Noel … Mary Jo … Lydia … Maddie … Gracie … Cindy and Thelma. There were others also, but I don’t know their names. I do know that some people with the last name of Morrison came, so we played Morrison’s Jig for them. That was pretty cool.

Now, I’m sure there were other people there, so please forgive me if I left anyone out. It’s never intentional.

I got to play the washboard tie tonight! It was pretty fun. Very different! It’s made like a washboard … only in the shape of a tie and it clips onto your shirt. You put metal thimbles on your fingers and that’s how you play it. It was fun! I may need one of those!!

John took Chicken Reel to work on this week. He always takes a new song every week to work on. He’s doing really well. I think he is having fun with it. J

Lisa brought me some moving boxes from work. I was very grateful! They’re really good boxes. With lids! That will be great for storage.

Sarah is going to rebind my old chord book. I hope that she still has some of the wider combs left. It would sure bring some life back onto the book. I use it for lessons, but it would still be nice to be able to flip through it easier than it is now. I’ve had it for a long time and just plain worn it out. Poor thing.

It was good to see Ned … it had been a while!

I gave Clayton his covered bridge sketch. I was very honored that he wanted it. That's the first time that anyone has ever wanted one of my sketches.

I missed Melanie, Betsy, Dale, Adam, Fred, Paul, Evelyn H, Evelyn D, Bob, Charlie … I missed my kiss from Charlie, Suzie … as well as anyone else who was missing. Everyone adds to the group and you’re all missed when you’re gone.

I ordered some bread sticks with garlic and cheese and a Pepsi. Mmmm … it was good, but I couldn’t eat it all.

We noticed that the restaurant changed their sign on the door from closing at 11:00 to closing at 10:00pm now. I think we left right at 10:00. Didn’t want to get kicked out!!! Been there! Done that!

It was a good night and I had fun. It’s good to spend an evening with friends. It’s good to play music and enjoy yourself doing it. It’s good just to sit and talk once in a while and listen.

Until next time …

May you live life

Like every minute counts!

Take time for the little things.

Every time I see your blog, I think of the musical Rent. There is a song in it called Today for you, Tommorrow for me and Or something like that and for some reason the title of your blog reminds me of that. I love that movie. It does sound like you had fun though.
Hi Dee!

Well, I'm at a loss because I didn't see the musical Rent. But I do have tons of fun playing music!!! And yes, I can see how our similar "catch phrases" would remind you of one or the other. And I must say that they both have good rhythm to them!!! That's important!!!

Thanks for stopping by the blog!!
I am always amazed at your daily enthusiasm Ava, to rise above crisis and changes; to embrace your natural ability for the love of music, horses and all things which we find a pleasure... like barns and birds and flowers and real neat trees, and animals.. oh, did I mention you are a positive influence to those, who's lives you touch with your love of life and music? No? Well, you are!

Thank you North! It meant a lot to hear that!!!
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