Friday, October 13, 2006


Happy Friday to You!

I hope that your weekend is restful, peaceful and fun.

I'm going to a Contra Dance this evening in Hannibal with BHP.

I missed the last one ...
it was the first one I've ever missed.
I won't be there for all of this one,
but will be there long enough to wish Clayton a happy birthday.
His birthday was Wednesday.

I'm still tired.
But will be able to rest next week.
I thought I would rest this week ...
but not the case.
Too busy getting the house ready for open house on Monday.

I've got my dumpster half full.
Sent some stuff to Salvation Army this afternoon.

Now I'm going to take a shower ...
hopefully be revived.
Then head to Hannibal to the apartment.

I haven't unpacked anything there yet.
I need to do some rearranging and get stuff put together
at least a little bit.

Last night was music at Ely.
I enjoyed the night very much.
I laid out on the hood of the blazer and looked at stars for half an hour.
It was 40 degrees ...
but it wasn't too bad.
I had my coat, gloves and ear muffs on.
(I'm such a wimp)

Kyle saved me last night ...
he knows what that means and we'll just leave it at that!
Thank you, Kyle.

Kyle is doing so well on his fiddling.
And we sang a couple of songs together.

Doug played his mandolin and fiddle.

Willy was very quiet ...

Dorothy made cookies ... they were very good.

I had missed Anita last week but got to see her last night.

John, Wes, Jesse, Bill, Jim, Deann, Del, Patty, Connie, Kyle, Greg and the Martin family, Doug, Willy, Dorothy, Anita, Allan, Peggy and her mom, Wes Jr and others were all there and we had a good time ... as always.

I enjoyed seeing everyone.
And I enjoyed playing my fiddle, mandolin, guitar and singing.
Very fun!!

Well, must be off to other things and load the car with some Hannibal "stuff".
I'm so tired of loading and unloading that I could just vomit.



Have a great weekend!!

Good luck with your open house and I'm glad you are still squeezing in some fun there.

You have a wonderful weekend yourself.
Well after a sweet comment like that, I can't stay mad at you for not coming out on the floor and dancing with us! :-) At least you came to the dance--to wish me a happy birthday--and that is what counts! By the way, did you happen to get one of the birthday cookies?
Hi dear friend! Hope all is well. Dance with your body and with your soul...I am doing the same thing.
Much love... the loading and unloading will not go on forever... free to play soon!
Hello Ava ~~ So glad to know that your move was successful and before
too long you will have everything in place and able to have fun and enjoy
your life fully. Glad you had a great
music night and dance. Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.
Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, Ava!!

Hope the auction goes well for you today... I'll be walking with you in spirit...
How was your weekend?? Mine was fabulous. Hope you had fun. "See" you soon.
Hi Ava, just popping in, to see if you were "ok" as I know yesterday, the weekend musta been brutal on ya!!

Know, that many of us are with you in spirit... holding your hand.

Love, North
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