Wednesday, October 18, 2006



Just wanted to pop in and say hello!
I'm doing okay.

Just finishing unpacking and trying to get caught up on my rest.

I visited all of your blogs last night but didn't have the energy to take the time to leave comments.
After this week,
life should start settling down.

I miss you blogger buddies
and I miss my blog!

I may be out taking pictures for you this weekend.
Depends on how much rain we get.

My auction is this Saturday and it's supposed to rain.

Hopefully people will still come.

I won't be there.
I'm leaving town.

So far I don't have internet in Hannibal ... just here.

I'll keep you caught up, though ...
Don't worry about that!!!

I hurt myself carrying boxes in.
One was too heavy and I should never have even tried to carry it by myself.
I lost my balance and it smashed my left hand against the wall.
I also lost my balance with a box and fell off of the porch.
But I was only three steps up ... could have been worse.
It was more embarrassing than anything.

Doctor has my hand in a brace and I'm supposed to have my left arm in a sling so it can rest for a few days. I really can't do that until I'm finished unpacking though. The stuff is driving me crazy.

Well, I hope that you all are well.
I am checking comments and email, so keep on sending them!

I'll respond sometime soon!!!

Love you all!

Cranky Blogger.

Glad you're doing okay except for your poor hand.
Miss you!!! So sorry you hurt your hand.
lotsa love,
Sorry you hurt you hand. So you are going to leave the auction to the auction people - good for you.
I will be looking for ward to your pictures.
Good to hear from you AJ and you'd better get that arm in a sling or you may have problems with it for a long time to come.

I wouldn't want to be there for my house auction depressing and sad.

I'm also looking forward to hearing from you again. Take better care of yourself.
Listen to Pasadena (Sandy)! Take care of that left hand--keep it in the brace and sling! That's your most important hand for playing the fiddle, banjo, and guitar. And it's also pretty darn important for playing the saxophone, piano, and whistle. Don't be a martyr just for the sake of stuff. Music is much more important! To quote 19th Century German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, "without music, life would be a mistake."
Hi Ava, hope you are catching some rest with all that needs doing!! How's the hand? Golly!

I wanted to cheer you up a bit, and because I KNOW you love horses so much.. I made you a pic, and posted it on my blog, with a little poem....

Keeping you in my happy thoughts...

I got ten inches of rain at my house here in Houston this week. Would you like some of it? Fortunately, the groung was very dry, so it has either run off or soaked in by now.
This is the second time this year that I have had a flood. Last time it was nine inches in less than twenty four hours. I'm worried now. You know what they say, bad things come in threes.

I hope you do post some pictures.I love pictures.
Hello dear Ava ~ I am so sorry you hurt your hand and also had a fall.
Do hope you are feeling better very soon. It is hard when you are trying to get settled, but do take care of that hand - for your music. Look after yourself Ava, Love, Merle.
Hi everyone! I am doing just fine. It's good to know that I am missed! Thank you all!!!!
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