Tuesday, October 24, 2006



Hi everyone!
I'm still alive and kicking!

Thank you all for all of your comments and concern for me.
I really appreciate you all so much.

The auction is over ...
the house sold ...
I am so thankful for that!!!

I have a few more things to get moved and a couple of them I need some help with.
No, I won't do it by myself ...
My brace is on!!!
I'm behaving!

I enjoyed my weekend in Hannibal.
It was a time of rest for me.
I needed it very much.
It made me feel better.

I will be visiting blogs this evening.
I've missed you all.

North, I haven't been to see the post you did for me,
but will tonight ...
I promise.

Went to the doctor yesterday ...
he said that my hand is healing up nicely.
I'm supposed to wear this brace for another week.
My elbow has strained muscles and tendons,
but he said it should be fine in a couple of weeks.

I got a flu shot while I was there and had some bloodwork done.
I had that all done in the arm that isn't injured.
Now I have two sore arms.
Oh well, that's life.

Must run,
but I'll be back to posting every day except on the weekends.

So ...
I will be talking to you soon!


Hi Ava! I crashed my blog 2 days ago. So, if you visited, and it was blank, you know why!

Looks like the template I use can only hold 150 archive pages!! ugggh!

Anyway, just finished posting your painted horses I made ya on my blog. Didn't get the poem the same though.. I"m so upset about that, but it's close as I can remember it. lol

Glad to hear all went well... now watch that hand!!

with loving kindness,
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