Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Migraines Suck!

I'm on day six of a non stop migraine.
It's beginning to wear me down.
My eyes are all purple underneath them.
I'm pretty pale today.
My skin hurts too.
I guess I should eat something.
I'll run to Dairy Queen here in a minute or two.

It has two days to get all finished up and go away.
I leave for Kansas City on Friday morning for the weekend.
Going to visit family and go shopping at the big mall!!
And I'm doing it with or without the migraine!

It will be my Aunt Eva, Cousin Pat, my sister in law Tina, my mother Glenda, my son Chris, daughter in law Heather and my grandbaby Chandler!!!
We're adding a new person to the equation,
but I'll tell you all about that when I get back.

I'm excited about the shopping trip.
My parents sent me Christmas money and I get to buy a belly dancing outfit while I'm there.
When I was there a few months ago,
I picked out a gorgeous blue top and hip scarf.
If it is still there, I'm going to buy it.
Otherwise, I'll just pick from what's there this time.
It will still be beautiful.
They all were.

I'm in charge of cooking on Saturday.
Last shopping trip we were all too tired to move when we got back,
so I'm making a roast, potatoes, carrots and green beans in the crock pot.
Then whip up some gravy when we get back and it's ready!
That will work!
We'll use our energy to play music and do some singing!!!

I need to go to the grocery store today or tomorrow and get the food to take.
I'm just going to put it in a cooler.
The things that I didn't think would travel well I have Pat getting up there.
Like the salad and the cheese ...
stuff like that.

I'm so excited about the trip that I can't sleep.

I talked to my Dad today and told him that I'm coming home for Thanksgiving.
I asked him to get the band together on Friday night if he can.
He said he'd see what he could do.
I told him to be sure and call Kelly.
I've been missing Kelly.
He's one of my cousins and just a lot of fun.
He's new to the guitar this year and he's always showing me his guitar progress and checking up on my fiddle progress.

Oh, this will be the first time I've played my mandolin or banjo for them.
I'm excited.
We're a good spirited group ...
but a "little" competitive with one another.
You can't let anyone "one up" you.
It's a lot of work trying to keep up, but it's all done in fun.
Mostly. (wink wink)

if I can just get rid of this stupid migraine
I will have a lot going on and having a lot of fun.
I'll be very medicated and REALLY having a lot of fun!!!!!!

Wish me luck!

ava.. so sorry you've got a migraine - is this a message that you need rest???

the suitcase with no clothes was a funny story!!!
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