Thursday, October 05, 2006


My Piano

Oh my gosh.

I just sat down to play "Could It Be Magic", by Barry Manilow on my piano.
It's a beautiful song.

Suddenly as I'm playing it just dawned on me this is the last time I'll play my piano.
Yes, the tears turned on like a faucet.

I know ...
It's just a thing ...
It's just a piano ...
I'll be fine without it.

I'll have to be sure to play some rag time on it sometime tomorrow and let that be the last piece that I play on it.

That will leave me smiling instead of crying.


It's the things you cannot pick up and play with, or look at, or touch; which is carried with you always, in your heart of memories Ava.

Think of it not as a passage of loss's; but, as a new treasure-trunk of new memories to be made, and the old one's now kept in a tickle-trunk in your heart.

Cheer up Ava! New roads, often lead to joyful things! : )

Love and hugs,
North is right. All these new adventures for you. Who knows, there may be a piano in your future.
I can identify with this one... my soul is connected to my piano. Then again, it is the only instrument I really play.. you have your fiddle, banjo, whistle, etc etc... :)
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