Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Okay ... I'll tell ...

I wasn't going to tell this,
but I just told one of my friends on their blog ...
So ...
I guess I'll tell.

Went on my weekend trip to Hannibal this weekend.
It's always an ordeal to pack and make sure I have everything that I need for four days.

I laid out my clothes,
made sure I had pajamas and decided to include my slippers this time ...
makeup ...
drinks ...
zipped up the suitcase and headed out the door.

Got there,
unloaded the car ...
put stuff away ...
Opened the suit case and guess what?

My clothes had never made it into the suitcase!
It was a busy weekend of music three days in a row and no time to run back home for clothes,
so I had to go buy some new clothes.

I will have to pack better next time.
I always forget something,
but that's the first time I've ever forgotten to actually put the clothes into the suitcase!

Good grief!

Oh, that must have been quite a surprise! But it sounds like you managed quite well.
Wow..I bet that just made your heart jump as you looked into the suitcase.

It sounds like you made it work anyway.
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