Sunday, October 01, 2006



Last Wednesday
when the linoleum got laid,
I was trying to find the holes where the screws went to put the cover back on the air vent.
I stuck my finger down inside there ...
and yes ...
of course ...
Duh ...
Got cut on a piece of metal.

It's right on my pointer finger,
the finger I use to run my computer mouse
and scroll up and down.

I have a mouse injury!!!!

: (

Ouchy is right! But if I undestand my anatomy correctly, at least it not a finger that you would use on the fretboard of a fiddle, guitar, or banjo. Having a "mouse injury" is one thing. But having a "fretboard injury" is much, much worse. I hope you heal up soon!
Hi Clayton!

You are correct! It's not a fretboard injury ... just a mouse injury!

I've had fretboard injuries and they are no fun!

Ava Jane
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