Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Pepsi ...

If you ask me what my favorite drink is ...

It would be Pepsi.

I bought a case a few weeks ago and had been drinking it.
I keep it in the basement so it isn't easy to get to.
I'm supposed to drink lots of water too,
but if the Pepsi is close ...
well ...
you get the idea.

I shared with someone who noticed it was caffine free.
I hadn't even noticed.
Tasted the same to me and I'm pretty sensitive to things like that.

So ...
I went and bought some more!

Technically I'm not supposed to have caffine at all,
but pepsi's are a treat for myself on music nights.
Now ...
I can have it whenever I want!

If you haven't tried it ...
try it.
It's good.

As a person with high blood sugar, I myself enjoy Diet Pepsi. I'm more likely to pick it over Diet Coke. And I like it in both the caffeinated and decaffeinated versions. BTW--unlike coffee and tea, where the caffeine occurs naturally and must be removed chemically to create decaf, cola syrup does not naturally contain caffeine. Thus caffeine is added to the cola syrup in the manufacturing process. So to make caffeine free Pepsi, all they do is leave out the caffeine. Caffeine itself doesn't really have a flavor, so that's why you didn't notice a taste difference.
Cool! I didn't know that they added it. That's probably why I had two headaches last week though! Caffine withdrawal!!!
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