Thursday, October 05, 2006


Poetry: The Beauty Therein

The Beauty Therein
Ava Jackson

God created the beauty that is this earth
With beautiful green and amber grasses
Trees so tall they reach the sky
Rivers of blue that give life to all that surrounds it.
The grandeur of the mountains
The frosty touch of the snow
The cool touch of the rain
The warm touch of the sun
The cool glow of the moon and stars
The contemplative blue of the sky
The whispiness of the clouds floating by
The cool touch of the shade on a hot day
The cool soft feel of the dirt on the ground
The taste of strawberries freshly picked
The footprints of animals that have passed by in the night
The birds gliding effortlessly in the sky
The wind as it sings a sweet lullaby in the tree tops
The birds that serenade us with their songs
Take the time to listen
Take the time to look
Take the time to feel it
Look at the shape of things
Look at the color of things
Feel the texture that life has to offer you
Take in the beauty that is around you
It will bring peace to your soul
It will bring peace to your heart

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