Sunday, October 01, 2006


Salt and Pepper Shakers ...

Today I got all of my salt and pepper shakers wrapped,
and taken over to my new place.

In this bedroom over there ...
I'm going to try to squeeze in a twin bed,
a couch,
my sewing table and sewing machine,
my tv,
my display cabinet and salt and pepper shakers ...

those for sure ...
plus whatever else I have room for.

We'll have to wait and see.

In the music room I'm going to have the piano,
my instruments,
two chairs,
and three bookshelves full of music.

It's a pretty ambitious plan,
but I think it will work.

Keep your fingers crossed!!!

Whoo~Hoo!!!! Good luck! I'll be praying! ;o) You've got mail!!! :oD
AJ...I guess by now you have realized that it's not easy moving a whole house full of stuff into a couple of rooms. Good Luck with the move.
Hi Sandy!

Oh my gosh, you can say that again!!!! I have four rooms and a storage unit ... between that I should get the job done!
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