Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Wagon Wheels

Wonderful news for me!!!

I found my Wagon Wheels tapes of The Sons of the Pioneers!!!

I used to sing their songs with my Dad and the band back home.
It's been about 12 years though,
and I've only been able to sing one of the songs.

But now I can listen to these tapes and get brushed back up!
I'm thrilled!

Don't Fence Me In
Tumbling Tumbleweeds
Cool Water

There are several that I'll be singing again.

Anyone else out there like The Sons of the Pioneers?

Sure do Ava, some of those old songs are real gems, including the three you mentioned.
Hello Ava ~~ Glad you found those tapes to play over and learn the songs again. I remember the Sons of the Pioneers also and liked them.
Take care. How is the hand? Merle.
yeeha! I don't think anything could ever fence you in, Ava, not even lupus.
Hi friend!

I am in Puerto Rico. Hope you are having a fun time. Let the sun shine in you and through you. Hugs.
Hi, Ava. Tumbling Tumbleweeds and Cool Water definitely are cool songs. Been a while since I heard them; but the very mention of them bring back good feelings. :)
Cool Water I thought was a Marty Robbins song...well, he sang it anyway on an album that I had.
The Sons of the Pioneers were definitely some "hep cats". I've often thought that if I started a musical group that sang and played their style of music, we could call ourselves "The Grandsons of the Pioneers". But if you joined the group, we'd have to call ourselves "Grandchildren of the Pioneers"!
I'm so glad to see that other people appreciate them and know their music also!
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