Thursday, October 26, 2006


I hope that you all had a good day yesterday.

I had been sore and cranky all day.

I was so excited to find my Sons of the Pioneers tapes ...
put one in ...
and ...

I've lost the power chord to my jam box somewhere in the move.
My stereo is over at the studio in Hannibal.

I guess I can buy another chord ... haven't looked at them yet.
I have no idea where the other one would be.

Then I broke my toilet stool.
Just the little flusher thingy.

It's fixed now.
Only $9.00 for the parts and not too bad to put on.
And ...
now I don't have to reach in there and push the flapper down anymore.
Thank you to Paul for fixing it for me.


I played my guitar and sang for half an hour.

Practiced fiddle for two hours.

Played all of my celtic memorized songs and then worked on my bluegrass songs.
Most of the bluegrass stuff I have to hear someone else start and then I can join right in.
But I want to be able to start them!!
Dang it!
It hurts my pride!
Oh well ...
pride ...
who needs it, right?
I just have fun playing!

Speaking of which,
tonight night is music night!
And yes,
this removeable cast is coming right off for music night ...
then going right back on!

Shhhhhh ...
do not tell on me.

After not practicing all month long because of the packing and moving and unpacking and blah, blah, blah ...

My fingers are really sore from playing.
I'm going to have to get my callouses all built back up again.

It's cold outside!
I went to Home Depot after work around 7:00pm and my feet took forever to warm back up.
I drank a cold pepsi.
Just made myself colder!!!

Then I put my sweat pants on and went to bed at 9:30.
I was tired.

Well, must get some things done before work today.
It's my long work day and then music tonight.
I hope that all goes well at La Gondola.
And I hope it isn't raining to hard on my drive to and from Ely.

Talk to you later.

Sounds like your day had a disappointing start. But wasn't it good to get back into playing your music even if your fingers are a little sore?
Hey. Good to "see" you again here.

Stef likes Sons of the Pioneers also. She was excited when she read you liked them also. She watches a lot of CMT.

Sounds like a rough day. Hope today is better.
The Sons of the Pioneers came to my tiny home town theater when I was around ten years old. They were real celebrities in 1948 and the first famous people I'd ever seen up close.

Bob Nolan picked me up and told me he liked my pigtails. I've never forgotten it.

The only thing missing was Roy Rogers but I liked them just as well without him.
"Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall" --Proverbs 16:18. (grin!)
Maybe you should just drink Cool Clear Water. :)
Hi AJ...good to see you posting. Sorry your day started off badly, but seemed to end well with you playing some music.

Have missed you.
How do I get so far behind? Now I'm caught up again (through yesterday or today at least). This is the 5th.

Sorry about your migraine and glad to know you're feeling better.
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