Monday, October 30, 2006


Where do I begin?

Happy Monday to ya'll!!!

(I'm practicing my accent for an upcoming visit back home to my family)

hope you're all having a good day.

How was your weekend?
Mine was fabulous!!!!
It really was!

Thursday was music night.
Went to LaGondola and had a very nice session there with everyone.
Then I left at 8:00 and headed over to North Ely Opry.
That was fun as always!

Kyle and I sang more that night than ever before.
I've been practicing again and my voice is getting stronger.
That allows me to sing longer.

Kyle has a wonderful voice and can sing harmony like crazy!!!
I think that he and I blend well together.
I'm looking forward to learning more songs that we can sing together.

Of course there were lots of fiddle tunes as well!
Both Doug and Kyle are doing so well with their fiddling.
I'm so proud of them!!
I gave Doug the music to Over the Waterfall that night and by Saturday he already had it down and memorized.
Hot dog!!!
That's pretty amazing.

Willy scooted up a chair and played guitar with us too!
I always thought Willy had always been playing guitar ...
but ...
I just found out from a little birdy that he's relatively new at it.
He's doing great!
I'm proud of him too!

That's one of the things that I like most about playing out there.
It's not about who has played forever and who is brand new ...
it's just about playing music and having fun and being with your friends.
It's about smiling and enjoying yourself.

I know ...
I'm always bragging on someone's new song or this or that ...
but when we're together ...
we just blend together and have fun.
That's the way it should be.

I'm supposed to have a copy of Liberty ready for Allan this week ... I've already got it in the computer for fiddle, just a few tweaks and it's ready for mandolin.

Anita is always there with her harmonicas. I haven't bragged on her lately, but she is fabulous and I really miss her when she's not there.

Bill is always there. He gets his fiddle out and plays too. And I heard him playing the mandolin on Sunday afternoon!

I'm always glad to see Dimple when she is there. She is a sweetheart. We played Greensleeves for her last week when she was there.

Dorothy is always there a smiling and patting her knee to the time of the music. I always get a kiss and a hug from here when I get there.

Bud and Carolyn are always smiling when they are there.

Dan plays up a storm on his mandolin when he is there. And he's always smiling too.

Danny is always smiling when he's playing that guitar ... especially when he plays a little Patsy Cline as a hint for me sing!

Del is getting braver on his banjo. I know that he can play ... I've heard him. :)

Evelyn was there with her date, I believe his name was David. They had quite a story to tell when they got there ... (got lost).

Greg was playing the string bass and the guitar and singing. He's awesome!

Jesse was playing his banjo. I'm enjoying getting to know Jesse better ... he's quite funny. I don't think he's known quite what to think of me all of this time ... he's always really quiet ... and I'm not. (I know ... it's hard to believe ... but true) Anyway, I'm finding out that he has quite the sense of humor and is very funny.

Jim was there playing his guitar. He's always smiling too!

Patty was playing her fiddle. I'm going to drag her out there one of these days to stand with us and play while I'm there!

Deann was there and she was smiling as usual.

John was there with his fiddle. He is fun to play fiddle with. I have fun, but I especially have fun when he and Doug are playing strong and I can break off and make up some harmony or just experiment around with the song. Sometimes I do something that sounds good and sometimes I don't. I can always tell by the way they look at me. Faded Love always sounds good though ... that is one of our best ones.

I always like it when Peggy is there because she nods encouragement to us when we're playing. I like that. Sometimes you just need that, you know?

Wes was on his banjo and guitar. And he sang "One Piece At a Time" for me while I played guitar for him. That is an awesome song! He also sings "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" with me. It's really pretty when we do it together. I hope that he and I can learn some more songs to sing together. He also does a really "rad" Folsom Prison.

Lorri was there, but didn't sing much that night. I'm always glad to see her. I'm supposed to give her a call sometime soon. She's a sweetheart.

I think Dick was there.

My weekend days have all run together.
I know there were other's there ... sorry if you're not mentioned here.
I'm always glad to see everyone.

Well, must go fold some laundry.
Monday is always laundry day!
Fun fun fun!
Must run.


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