Thursday, November 16, 2006


Bird Watching

It's almost Bald Eagle watching time again.
Every winter the bald eagles congregate at our local lock and dam.
I'm anxiously awaiting getting to see them everyday.
When I go every day,
I go the the dam and then I also drive along the river for miles looking for them.
After about a week of looking every day,
I learn where they roost and where their territory is.
They will generally stay in a certain area.
This allows me to really show them to people and let them get a close look.
The eagles get used to having the vehicle close to them and they will sit there and let you get pretty darn close.
I always carry at least two pair of binoculars in my car all of the time just for spur of the moment bird watching.
You never know when the opportunity will present itself.

Doug and I saw a Bald Eagle on the North River Sunday afternoon.
It was in flight and I was very excited.
Didn't get to see it with binoculars,
but I was excited just the same.
Just knowing it was there was exciting.

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