Thursday, November 16, 2006



with Tom and Dougs help
I finally have all of my stuff out of the house and garages.
What a load off of my shoulders that is!!!
We close on the house on the 20th.
Then it's all done.
I will be so relieved.

Guess what I found out in the garage Tuesday morning?
My eye glasses!
Didn't know that I wore any?
Well, that would be because they've been lost for the last three years ... since we moved to the house three years ago!
I found them in one of my craft boxes of stuff.
Yes, that does make sense ...
They're just reading glasses and I mostly used them when cross stitching ...
so they were with some of my cross stitching stuff.
Makes perfect sense!

I was very glad to find them.
I honestly was getting ready to go get another pair.
Found them at the perfect time!

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