Thursday, November 02, 2006


Good Morning!

Oh my gosh!

My Migrain is Gone!!!!!


I woke up with some pretty wild hair this morning.
Got that new hair cut, remember?
I hope I don't scare every body this weekend on our trip.
I scared myself this morning!!!

Today is music night.
I'm excited about that.

I have SO much to get done this morning before work.
I have to have the car all packed and ready to go by 1:00 this afternoon
because I work all afternoon,
then La Gondola,
then Ely Opry,
then leave bright and early in the morning.

I can do it,
but I'd better go get started right now!!

Talk to you later!
If I don't talk to you again until Monday,
have a great weekend!!!!

Glad you're feeling better. Hope you have a great weekend!
Have fun.
Have a nice weekend Ava and I'm soooo glad that your migraine is gone.

You must have cut your hair short for it to be messy when you wake up.
Find that camera cord...we want some pictures of your new haircut.
By the time you read this you will have had music night. Hope you enjoyed it.
Glad your migrain is gone. I used to suffer terribly from them but once I pasted a certain age they seemed to slow down and now I hardly have any - and yes coffee helps. My mother still suffers from them and she drinks coffee and takes a couple of Tylenol then just waits it out. I think my migrains really started going away when I got divorced - maybe that will help yours.
Hallelujah! Your migraine is gone! Hope you had a great weekend.
Have a wonderful time (you're probably thre by now).
~just stopping by~

Found your blog through someone's page, but it escapes me who I found you through. Anyway, just stopping by :)

I get migraines too! What do you take to get rid of them? Well I hope you are feeling better

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