Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Hi There

Hello, my friends!!!

I hope that you all had a great weekend.
I sure did!
It was a very busy weekend for me,
and very fun.

I am so blessed to have music in my life.
I just don't know what people do without it.
Oh, I know it's not for everyone,
But I'd just be lost without it.
I really would.
It's in my soul.
You know?

I'm behind visiting everyone's blogs,
but will be there soon.

I can't afford internet at the studio until I get some students over there.
Then I won't have these gaps in blog entries ...
as much!

I'm sitting here eating dry frosted mini wheats,
which are my new favorite anytime snack.
Very good.
And helps keep you regular!!!
(I know ... you probably didn't need to know that!)

Took some barn pictures Sunday afternoon.
Also had a tour of where Doug and Willy grew up.
I enjoyed that very much.
I need to get a card reader so I can get the pictures off the camera.
I need to send Willy some of those pictures.
I've already forgotten what I already had on there.
It will be a nice surprise!!!

I've missed taking pictures.
They take a long time to edit,
but it sure is fun!!!

Well, I'm off to the house to work on filling this dumpster the rest of the way up.
Then I have a few things to take to storage.
It's so hard for me to throw stuff away,
But dang!
I'm out of room.
I need to keep that in mind when I'm loading my car today.
Where am I going to put it?
Wish me luck!
Send me "throw it away" vibes and thoughts!!!

Love you all!!!!

Throw it out! Clean the slate! God is creating the NEW within you :)
I ditto Gracie's comment!!

Send ME any butterflies, gargoyles OR heart-shapes first, though.... LOL

chuck the rest, or please, give it to Salvation Army!!! sOo many could use it...

One man's junk, is another man's treasure.

Good to see you posting Ava.... glad things are being kept close to your heart...via your music!

with loving kindness,
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