Wednesday, November 01, 2006



I got a lot of errands done today.

Went to the attorney's office for real estate paperwork,
got a hair cut,
got the banking done,
did I mention got a hair cut?

Ate lunch with two of my girlfriends.
That was fun.
We got all caught up on our kids and families and Rhonda's trip to Europe over the summer.
She had a wonderful trip.
I'm glad that she got to go, she works hard and deserved a break, that's for sure.
usually when you've been traveling like that
you need a vacation to recover from your vacation!!!
Traveling is exhausting!!

Didn't make it to the grocery store,
so will have to do that in the morning.
I think that and doing laundry and packing will be all that I have to do in the morning.

I have to be all packed and everything in the car before I leave for La Gondola tomorrow night.
My son Tom has decided that he may go with us.
That would be fine with me.
It would let me have both of my sons there at the same time.
That doesn't happen very often anymore now that everyone is grown and working.
I'm hoping that he goes.

I ate a HUGE lunch!!!
My migraine has kept from eating for the last 36 hours so I was hungry!
I had a salad,
country fried steak dinner with mashed potatoes, gravy and corn ...
I couldn't eat the bisquit though,
a bowl of fruit,
a Pepsi,
a glass of water
and a cup of coffee for my migraine.

Then my son Tom and his girlfriend Julie came over for a few minutes and she brought me a piece of blackcherry oreo cheese cake.
It was good!!!!!

I'm feeling much better now.
Maybe I'll be able to sleep tonight.
I sure hope so.

I like my haircut,
but I don't know if I'll be able to fix it like she did.
She showed me some new things to do with my hair that should help.
She really did a good job.
Her name was Dawn.
I'm going to go to her from now on.
She was very pleasant, helpful and good.

I'm hoping that I'll get my color back and my eyes won't be so purple when I get to Kansas City and see my mother.
I don't want her to worry about me.

Hope you're all having a great day!

I'm so glad Ava that you are getting to spend time with both of your sons at once...that's so nice and I think will be very good for you. Also nice that you are going to visit your mother too...I'm sure she'll love your visit. Mother's always do.

It sounded like you had a wonderful dinner with your friends and I'm assuming that your migraine has left, at least I hope so.
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